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Explore your colourful dreams - Chapter 4

Roses are red, Violets are blue … Well, I think that is not quite right.

Violet is a beautiful spectral colour, which means it is a single beam of light, that we perceive as being purply.

Scientifically, what makes Violet so precious is indeed the fact that it is spectral, whilst purple is made up of combinations of red, blue, and violet light.

Violet is therefore a magnificent and pure beam of light!

You might have guessed by now that one of the two colours of this week’s blog post or let me rephrase it: Weekly Dream Chronicles; is Violet. The other one is Brown, so let’s see what this is all about.

For part 3 of the series “Explore your colourful Dreams”, about Green and Orange, click


“I find myself in a beautiful, bright room. I sense a feeling of peace, light and joy in my heart.

I look around and notice a table next to me, to my right, with an exquisite tablecloth on top. In the middle of the table, I see a huge book with violet cover and a golden symbol on top. A round golden circle and a golden letters title that stand out on the violet background.

The colour violet is like nothing I’ve seen before in my life, and I can’t take my eyes off of it. I take a few steps towards the table, I hold the book in my hands and keep staring at the amazing violet colour, trying to read the golden title.

I feel I am being pulled into the book and that I could travel on that violet river or path which is lying before me. But, something wakes me up before I can do that.

And despite of feeling disappointed because I woke up too soon and couldn’t get the entire title and enjoy the travel, I also experienced an intense feeling of awe and wonder, of curiosity to go back into the dream to explore the content of this amazing book. I “know” is very important to me!”.

Scientific perspective – scientists are stating that the colour violet in dreams means a need to win others over with your charm and have a feel of identification, like a mystical union, a deep intuitive understanding of a situation, seeking a magical state where wishes are fulfilled, yearning for a magical relationship of romance and tenderness. It also means to seek to identify with someone or something, a need of intimacy and engaging in fantasy to perhaps compensate for your feelings of insecurity.

Spiritual perspective – Ancient cultures attribute the colour violet in your dreams to the ability of mastering your own desires and passions. It talks about the journey from birth to death, reaching towards the highest aspects of spirituality.

This dream was recorded by a client of mine several months ago and she was happy for me to share it with you today. The call to action we both agreed was the best for her, in order to honour this dream, was to go back into the dream and continue from where she left off, and so she did.


“It’s daylight. I am in a forest walking alongside a couple of friends. I look up and down and notice that is autumn, the leaves are displaying a beautiful array of orange and brown, the trees are all brown and rather bare. I am wearing a pair of beautiful brown boots. And I spot my child who is wearing brown trousers and a brown vest playing happily on the path before me.

No one is talking, there is a welcoming silence. Finally, we arrive at a house in the middle of the forest, and I have a feeling the house belongs to someone, is occupied, but they don’t seem to be here now. We sit down near the house to rest. It’s so comforting. I decide to take my boots off and place them in front of me.

Out of nowhere, the owners of the house appear, and they start shouting to get off their premises. The others panic, but I remain calm because I know we haven’t done anything wrong.

I intend to put the boots back on so I can leave, but I notice there’s another pair of boots in front of me, but green. I study both pairs and I realise I like both of them and now is hard to decide which one to put on. Finally, pressed by the situation, I decide to put on the brown boots and to continue walking without being disturbed by the anxiety displayed by the owners of the house.

We regroup and continue our journey. And as I walk, I keep looking at my boots and I feel good for making the decision to stick with my brown boots.”

Scientific perspective – brown in dreaming represents seeking a state of security, physical comfort and relaxation or recovery. Also, it points out to a feeling of uneasiness and insecurity in an existing situation, the desire to be in a more affectionate environment. A strong desire to satisfy the physical senses, like food, sex, luxury. And depending on the shade of brown, a natural woods brown for example, can be related to family matters, home or roots. If it’s a dirty brown it is related to illness and physical problems.

Spiritual perspective – brown in dreams represents courage and determination or doing an act of courage. Also, it can be interpreted as heroic acts and power to complete or finish things.

The brown boots were a recurring symbol at some point in my life, a few years back, and is very significant to me as it happens that I love brown boots in walking reality, as well. I discovered, observing the following life events, that it spoke to me about a change of path or a change in my path.

Personally, I experienced positive outcomes or wonderful manifestations in my life every time I saw myself wearing brown boots or brown shoes in my dreams. For me, the message was having the courage to walk on my path with confidence.

Did you ever experience a violet or brown dream? Do you have a hunch what it could have meant back then?

If you want to know more about the colours, come back next week to Part 5 of this series.

Otherwise, please feel free to get in touch with me. I am happy to help you decipher the deeper meanings of your Dreams.

Dream big, beautiful iDreamer!

Mariana, Dream Seer by birth

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