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Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Where on Earth do I go from here?! What do I do now?

Sounds familiar?!

Maybe this was you at some point in your life. Or maybe this is where you are right now.

And you might think that I am referring to the directions in your daily life. You are right, I am going to touch upon that, but a little bit later.

Now, related to this topic, there is another important aspect I want to bring to your attention and that is the directions you take in your dreams, in your nightly adventures.

Have you ever stopped to reflect on your dreams and ask yourself what does it mean when you turn right or left in your dreams? What does it mean when you go up or down in your dreams?

Is it significant or relevant at all?

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Let me tell you, it is very significant and relevant.

According to ancient cultures, and especially ancient Mexicans, remembering which way we went or which direction we took in dream time can offer us a very important clue about the message that is contained in that dream. As some of the directions can forecast problems and issues and some of them can bring good luck and good news in your everyday life.

And if you are curious, let’s have a quick look at different directions and their hidden meaning.


In the language of dreams, going up or above means going towards the Heavens, reconnecting with the divine, the Higher-self and meeting the forces of creation. And it translates into creating beautiful, meaningful and positive things in your life.

Every time you see yourself flying in your dreams, taking the stairs, the elevator or climbing up a mountain it refers to the desire to be reconnected with higher energies and your Higher self, to reach for something bigger, more meaningful to your soul. And it’s a very auspicious direction.


The meaning of going down in a dream is completely different from going up. When you see yourself going down the stairs, skiing downhill, being in the basement of a house or underground, falling or jumping into water in your dreams you are actually visiting the underworlds, your hidden caves. You are looking for something into your past, into your subconscious or unconscious. You are going back to everything that you have lived before in this life time or other life times, to all the suffering, the addictions, the bad relationships and old patterns of behaviour.

If you take this direction in your dreams you are sure to encounter dream scenarios that contain the representation of your fears or limiting beliefs, your repetitive destructive ancestral patterns, or any obstacles and challenges you struggle with in your everyday reality.

It is not a desirable direction to take in a dream. So, it is best to avoid going down, even if it feels like an enjoyable dream. But, in order to be able to avoid that, you need to become conscious in your dreams. Only then, going down will be recommended in order to bring healing to those hidden, unpleasant aspects of your own self.


Image by Mario Aranda from Pixabay

The direction North is seen by the ancient cultures as the direction from where our ancestors come into our dreams and go back the same way. Is the direction of the land of the departed.

So, whenever you take this direction or something goes that way in your dreams, keep in mind that it will change or end.

In all my dreams of my late father, over a period of more than fifteen years, he came to me from the North and delivered his messages or guidance and returned through a Northern gate, door or pathway.

I personally also believe that when we are heading North in our dreams we can receive sacred knowledge. As once in my dreams, I encountered a giant, mighty dragon coming from the North. It was breath-taking. He told me he was coming from the North and that I needed to stand before him without fear. It talked about sharing sacred knowledge, and I wasn’t ready for it, at the time, so decided to run away. But, it appeared again later on in my dreams and my attitude towards it changed and I finally accepted his gift of knowledge.


Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

According to the great dream teacher and shaman Sergio Magana, in his book the Toltec Secret, the direction South in dreams takes you to the future, but it will also take you to your body.

It is the direction that your dreaming body takes before experiencing prophetic dreams. It is said to be a natural direction for your body to take, as it is similar to going down, in a way. So, your body being more used to walk in every day life, rather than fly, will naturally find it easier to go South, then any other directions.

But, interestingly enough, the direction South is also related to the Sun and Fire, so it’s a very powerful direction, filled with energy and passion, so many people might avoid unconsciously taking this direction in dreams, as it is very close to the waking state.

Personally, I call this the white direction, as every time I experience a white dream, I see myself walking South.


Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

East is a beautiful and recommended direction to take in dream time. It is also known as the direction of the knowledge, pleasant things and good omens.

Whenever you turn East in your dreams, or to your right, you will find ascended masters ready to share the knowledge, or you will encounter easy and smooth solutions to your problems, good news and good luck.

It is a very auspicious direction to take in your dreams.

Expect all the best when you dream yourself walking, flying, being guided towards the East or your right. Every time I experience a dream in which I know I'm going East or right I wake up happy and confident knowing that good things are coming into my life or that the request I made the night before will have a positive response and outcome.

And if you are a person that works with the intention before bedtime, like me, asking for a healing dream for a physical ailment or emotional issue that you might have, and you receive a dream in which you see yourself going towards East or right, be sure that you will recover, that the healing process will have a favourable result.


Image by Camilo Garcia from Pixabay

The direction West is a direction which brings learning through the process of life and death.

Every time you see yourself going West or to your left, know that whatever enters in your daily life will be a tough lesson to learn that might involve suffering and loss, sometimes even death.

It is the opposite of the East direction, but it is not necessarily bad, just different, offering you different experiences and opportunities to understand more of life and who you are.

This direction also speaks of the process of renewal, just like spring comes after winter or creation comes after destruction.

If you see yourself taking this direction in a dream, it indicates that the process you are going through, no matter what it is, will be more painful and difficult than you might expect.

As a personal example, years back, on a particular morning I woke up from a dream in which I saw myself going West or my left towards a building and someone took my pursue. Later that day my husband came home and told me he had lost his job.

So, as you can see, dreams are more than just a by-product of your sleep. And directions in dreams are just as important to observe and consider as they are in your walking reality.

In a certain degree we all faced that crossroad, that multiple choices situation, and we struggled until we found the solution or the path ahead or until we finally made the right choice.

We all have been there, no one has escaped this. And I am sure you can agree that with the current global situation, many of us still are.

And if this is you now and you are struggling, having no one to talk to or ask for guidance, then I invite you to follow the link below and register for the free Masterclass I am offering together with my esteemed colleague and life coach Adrian Murtagh.

In this Masterclass we’ll discuss about directions in life, about change, loss and opportunities that lie ahead for you. And how you can confidently take the right path in life or make the right decision that is aligned with your highest purpose, with your soul.

And I look forward to seeing you there, beautiful iDreamer!

Mariana - Clinical Hypnotherapist & Dream Seer by birth

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