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"Meeting Mariana has changed my life! Having suffered from anxiety for several years I have tried different therapies, but Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is something I had never heard of.


Not knowing what to expect I went along to meet Mariana and from the very first session, I had hope.


Mariana is a very calming influence and bolsters confidence along with having the great ability of hypnosis. I enjoy listening to the recordings in the evening along with weekly meetings and every day has become easier and better. I would highly recommend to anyone with an open mind who is seeking to improve themselves over time."

P.W. (Project Administrator)

"I have been recently receiving sessions from Mariana, a fantastic Hypnotherapist. My treatment has made positive changes to the way I think and see my life, since my sessions I have lost weight, and I've had positive things happening in my workplace, such as learning to deal with awkward situations involving others that tried to make life hard.

Since listening to my recording, my sleep pattern has very much improved, I wake up feeling happier and more positive, and I feel I can do this, I am just as good as everyone else. Learning about how the brain works is very good, thanks for everything that you have done, you are a pure star. xxx

P.A. (Royal Mail worker)

“Lately, I was struggling with a lot of fears, especially fear of death and fear of diseases.
My life was a constant fight, full of depressing thoughts. And then, the tip of the iceberg, I had to deal with this Coronavirus disease outbreak, being locked up alone in my home, alone with my fears and depressing thoughts.
When the first panic attack occurred, I knew I had to do something.
And the universe gave me the perfect solution, Mariana, a brilliant and most dear hypnotherapist. After the first sessions with her, and after listening to the hypnosis recording every night, I woke up one day realizing the depressing thoughts and the thoughts of death and disease were really gone and I was, actually, enjoying this precious time alone in my home.
I am happy, I feel a lot of love in me!

I cannot thank Mariana enough for all this happiness and joy she brought into my life, in the most endearing times.
If you are also looking for a way to heal yourself, if you want to feel free and really happy, I can highly recomend Mariana and her amazing hypnotherapy services!”

S.C. (Business owner)

"I would like to thank Mariana for being such a kind, friendly and happy lady. She has given me a huge boost of confidence and helped me to see my true self-worth, look at the positive aspects in my life and find joy, which I had lost a while back.

I cannot thank her enough for her patience and understanding and I never thought she would manage to free my mind so quickly. I feel like I've made a very good friend, I've enjoyed our sessions together, sprinkled with lots of laughter.

I would strongly recommend her services to anyone who needs help to find a way out of the struggles.

I was lost, but now I'm found!"

N.W. (Secretary)

Rise and break free of your limitations

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"Brilliant hypnotherapist!! The changes  I have noticed in myself since working with Mariana have been AMAZING !! Highly recommend!!!



 L.K. (Host)

“Before I met Mariana going to bed for sleep was stressing me because I knew I would toss and turn and won’t be able to fall asleep… After a month of work with Mariana, now I fall asleep easily and wake up happy and full of energy. I’m a totally new person now!”

A.P. (Business Owner & Innovator)

"Mariana, just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all your help. You are a wee diamond and a fantastic tutor and hypnotherapist!"

 L.G. (Therapist & Reiki practitioner)

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