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Explore your colourful dreams - Chapter 6

This week is the last part of the series “Explore your colourful Dreams” on “Weekly Dream Chronicles for iDreamers”.

And I want to thank for accompanying me on this journey through the wonderful world of Dream colours, and I hope it gave you some insight into your own Dream world.

If you’ve missed last week’s entry about Grey and Silver, please click HERE.

And now, let’s dig into the meaning of Golden and Black Dreams.


“… I find myself outside of a hotel. It is a small plaza with a bench in the middle of it, next to a lamp post... the plaza looks empty, the only people who are outside are two women and myself... We are heading to one of the main streets which appear to be more populated.

The women are walking ahead, as I stay behind observing my clothing… I have a black hoody with large sleeves, and I try to perform a magic trick hiding and revealing a yellow GOLDEN pyramidal object... I am satisfied with the fact that my movements are more fluid... I just need more practice. Suddenly, I hear myself thinking inside the dream... the two women are already out of my sight, now what...

I decide to return to the hotel, so I am back in the plaza and there, on the bench, are seated two other women. They look quite the same, with long dark hair, young faces, but I could not tell if they are locals or not... the dream continues…”.

Scientific perspective – The colour gold is considered to be the colour of positivity, winning, success, achievement and triumph. It is associated with abundance and prosperity, luxury and quality, prestige and sophistication, value and elegance, the psychology of this colour implies affluence, material wealth and extravagance. And when it appears in your dreams, it means that you are going to be successful in any personal or professional endeavours.

Spiritual perspective – gold dreams reflect reward, wealth (physical and spiritual). It also speaks of determination and certainty, a feeling of being unmovable, nothing can make you change your mind. And having divine protection or guidance. Golden is vey much associated with the Sun, kings, royalty and male energy and it is said that when the Sun God appears in your dreams you will recognise it by its golden eyes! It is viewed as a very auspicious appearance and guidance in dreams.

From a higher perspective, this colour is associated with big ideals, wisdom, understanding and enlightenment. It inspires knowledge, spirituality and a deeper understanding of your own self and your soul.

The dream shared above belongs to one of my clients and he was happy to share it with you here, today and I am grateful for his contribution.

The message is yet to be discovered, as this is a recent dream. But the prominent symbol in this dream is the golden pyramid. So, let's have a quick look at what this means.

First of all, the pyramid in dreams represents unbelievable frictions in life, indicating a time for overcoming obstacles, and major changes that are already happening, or if not, they are on their way. But it also brings great rewards once the task is finished.

They are also powerful icons of mystery, strength and cooperation. Based on this, when you see a pyramid in your dream, it is generally a good sign indicating a time in your life when you will succeed. The pyramid in your dream brings you a message of hope, to keep on trying, to not give up, and to persevere.

The fact that the pyramid is made of gold in this particular dream, it reflects the importance of the task/s or the challenge at hand and receiving the appropriate rewards, the best rewards, actually. Like a hero’s journey or a unique kind of experience.


Photo by NASA on Unsplash

“It’s quiet… It’s dark… It’s actually black. I look around and realise I am in space, and it is pitch black. It is so quiet and peaceful. And… warm! Such a comforting feeling. I look at myself and I can’t distinguish much, but I feel that I am floating. I do my best to adjust my vision, to try and spot something… anything. After a few attempts, I see a glimpse of light, like a dot. And then another… and another… until the whole space around me fills up with tiny luminous dots, that look like stars. I am in awe. I can’t say much, I just observe and decide to touch one of those dots. I raise my index finger and pointing towards the closest dot. I touch it and, in that moment, a strong bright light comes out of it, like an explosion of light over me, surrounding me in billions of tiny bright dots and I feel pulled inside that luminous centre… I wake up.”

Scientific perspective – black in dreams is associated with death and negative emotions, feeling anxious, fearful or intimidated. That nothing is as it should be, so a feeling of discomfort and lack of satisfaction, gearing towards not accepting the situation and becoming stubborn, leading towards taking extreme action, perhaps in revolt against something or to compensate for the situation.

Spiritual perspective – black is related to transformation, to the original creation, to the beginning of all. Ancient Mexicans, say that the pinnacle of dreams is to have a black dream, meaning there are no dreams, you achieved a state of dreaming without dreams and that is the ultimate level of spirituality (not to be confused with not remembering your dreams!).

When I look at my dream, I feel strongly that this is more of a spiritual dream, then a frightening dream. Because I experienced a sense of peace and calmness and warmth throughout the whole dream. And for me it meant an important transformation in my life at that point. An opportunity to detach from what was going on in my life, see the bigger picture and go back in with a different perspective.

As a conclusion of this colourful journey through dream time, I would like to add that by reflecting on my dream reports over a period of many years, I have discovered a lot of interesting things about me, the REAL me. Aspects that helped me understand who I am and what my purpose in this life is. And that is so rewarding!

But it’s not only about me – the clients I have worked with had over time the most astonishing and beautiful dreams and have been able to take those little treasures and make use of in their own self-development, as well as in achieving their goals.

Knowing what your subconscious mind is telling you, is one of the most empowering feelings there is in this world!

The practice of recording my dreams has helped me, over the years, to observe and acknowledge that my subconscious is always listening and ready to deliver an answer or a message or is opening up other channels of communication, which I wouldn’t be able to utilise so easily in my walking reality.

For you to correctly interpret the colours and messages in your own dreams, you need to start by writing down your dream reports on a regular basis, observing how they manifest later in your walking reality and connecting the real-life event with the dream.

Of course, it takes dedication, commitment, and discipline to become a conscious dreamer, exactly as with any other new skill you learn, but the rewards you’ll start to experience in your everyday life are far beyond your imagination.

One of the greatest rewards is that you start taking real and authentic control over your life and circumstances, instead of life taking control of you.

Combining these simple 3 steps RECORD – OBSERVE – CONCLUDE, you are writing your own dream dictionary and that is the best book you will ever read in your life, the book about the YOU!

If you would like to leave any comments or share any dream reports that you want help with, please reach out to me.

I am happy to help you in deciphering your own dreams and getting more clarity in your life!

Dream on, dream big, and make it happen, beautiful iDreamer!

Mariana, Dream Seer by birth

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