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Explore your colourful dreams - Chapter 3

Green and Orange, what’s not to love?

They are the Irish colours, but also appear in the flag for the Ivory Coast and India. But this week is not about countries, it’s the third part of the series “Explore your colourful Dreams” on my blog “Weekly Dream Chronicle for iDreamers”.

If you’ve missed last week’s entry about the dream colours yellow and blue, click HERE.

Let’s start with the dream colour GREEN:

“I am led by a panther to an underground location. It looks like lost catacombs, unfolding over a few levels, but I see people walking around, there’s even a pub and I notice an old lady sitting at the bar. She looks very odd, with a shaggy outfit, but her eyes are very clear and bright, I feel her wickedness. She is observing everything. I decide to continue following the panther and it leads me to another lever underground and it disappears when we reach an old green door. I stand in front of it pondering whether to enter or not. Cautiously, I open it and there in the middle of the room there’s man standing and smiling. He wears a greenish outfit with black accessories. Next to him there is a big, heavy looking wooden chest. He beckons me to enter. I go in and remain close to the door. He tells me that he’s been waiting for me for a while because he needs to show me something. I nod because I feel unable to speak. He reaches towards the lid of the wooden chest and opens it. Puts his left hand inside the chest and brings out a small brown snake wrapped around his arm. I am taking a step back, as I don’t like snakes. He invites me to put my right hand into its mouth. I am thinking ‘not in a million years’. I shake my head in disapproval. He puts the snake back into the chest and gets another one out. It looks bigger, darker, and scarier. I am terrified now. I take another step back. The snake whisperer looks me in the eyes, he is very calm, gentle and he transmits an honest desire to teach me something, to teach me how to work with the snakes. But I am too terrified and all I am thinking is ‘it’s time to leave’. He insists I put my right hand into the snake’s mouth. I refuse. He smiles and puts the second snake back in the wooden chest and brings out a third one. This time is a huge green jade snake, bigger than his arm. It has a graceful attitude, like a king. It looks surreal, out of this world. For a few seconds I stopped breathing, it was the most beautiful serpent I have ever seen, made of a glowing, transparent green jade crystal. But somehow a living being looking straight into my eyes. The man invited me for the third time to put my hand in the serpent’s mouth and in that moment the panic was all over me. I couldn’t think, my primitive brain was screaming to get out of there. And I do. I run all the way up to the surface and I woke up.”

That was a quite a dream, never forgot it and a while after I had this dream, I started to make the connections and realised that the invitation was to heal myself and become a healer. And I did.

Scientific perspective – green dreams reveal a need to establish yourself, your self-esteem and independence, the desire to be recognised and increase your own values and status through acknowledgement by others of your achievements and possessions. Hard work and drive to gain recognition and self-esteem is another aspect of green dreams. To ask for what you deserve and for your opinion to prevail. Desire to be in control of the events in your life and stopping change. Giving big importance to details and logic and a need of increasing the sense of security. They also bring to the surface the desire to have more money in order to feel secure. As well as withdrawal and retreating into your own centre for healing.

Spiritual perspective – Ancient cultures, such as native Americans, consider green to be the colour of our emotions. So, a green dream is all about healing your emotions, in their view. Also associated with grounding and inner changes, personality transformation, peace, perfect health, vitality, and inner healing. To experience a green dream denotes a positive transformation in your life and that you are ready to act based on that inner transformation. The need to improve yourself being the important message of these dreams.


“One time I dreamt I was wandering in a dark but calming forest. I saw all the ferns around me, the canopy of green leaves above me, dark rough bark surrounding me. When my gaze caught what was lying ahead, I saw a clearing coming up and something orange peaked out of all the dark greens and browns. I hurried because I felt magically drawn to the gate into this beautiful bright spot, and to the speck of colour. When I finally reached the entry to the clearing, I was overwhelmed with the sheer brightness and beauty. I was greeted by a sea of orange poppies! It was amazing. I squealed like a little girl and jumped up and down and ran into the clearing. Dancing in the middle of the clearing, I soaked up the sun beams, and the orange and all of a sudden, I saw myself starting to glow orange! I woke up, and the sensation that was left with me was full of excitement and motivation!”

One of my clients shared this dream with me, and I was grateful she let me be part of it and she accepted to share it with you. Together, we explored what it could mean for her.

Scientific perspective – orange reveals a desire to expand your interest, to have a wider sphere of influence. It also makes you feel friendly and welcoming and wanting to connect more with others. When you see the colour orange in your dreams, researchers say that you are experiencing feelings of enthusiasm, being adventurous and outgoing, driven by desires and hopes towards new things, new discoveries, and satisfaction. On the other hand, the message behind the colour orange might talk about the feelings of need to overcome doubts, worries and fear of failure and avoiding spreading too thin in your life.

Spiritual perspective – Shamans on the other hand see orange in your dreams as a message of balance or profound justice between the realms of Heaven and Earth. Trying to achieve a state of spiritual initiation through worldly rituals or activities.

Isn’t it always interesting to see the differences or the similarities between the scientific and spiritual meanings? I am absolutely in love with the fact that we partly have scientific prove of what’s happening in our brains. For many, scientific proof opens the door to Believe! And over time, that leads to believe in MORE.

So, what else is possible?

If you want to explore your own Dreams and want some guidance with them, get in touch with me for a free coffee chat and let’s unravel what your subconscious mind tries to tell you!

Dream big, beautiful iDreamer!

Mariana, Dream Seer by birth

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