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Explore your colourful dreams - Chapter 2

Welcome back to “Explore your colourful Dreams”!

What have you dreamt during the last week? Did you start a Dream journal, or do you already have one? This week’s “Dream Chronicle" for iDreamers explores the beauty of the Dream colours Yellow and Blue. If you are new to this blog, click Explore your colourful dreams - Chapter 1 ( to read the first part about the colours Red and White.

So, let’s get started with two more wonderful colours.


“I am wandering the streets of a familiar town where I lived for several years, just walking through old neighbourhoods and observing the activity and movement of people, cars, noticing the old, tall buildings and the grey sky. Suddenly, I realise that the whole atmosphere is grey, and it looks like the night is coming. But something captures my attention… it is my clothing. I am wearing a yellow dress, so beautiful and bright and it seems to be the only sign of light, hope and joy in that grey city. I feel so happy wearing that dress that I start dancing, and as I turn, I notice yellow flowers around me, then suddenly I am in a meadow and the sun is so yellow and my dress is looking even prettier and brighter. I notice the predominance of the colour yellow around me, and I wake up with a sense of joy and happiness.”

Scientific perspective – the colour yellow represents a sense of joy and optimism, feeling alive and alert, seeking a solution that will allow you to reach better outcomes and fulfilling your best possibility. Yellow is all about hope, happiness, and positive change. But it also speaks about compulsive acts and the desire to compensate for something or finding a way in a relationship or circumstance.

Spiritual perspective – the colour yellow represents the Sun and planet Mars. So, it provides a strong will and power, fulfilment, optimism, courage, and abundance. It also stands for clarity, wisdom, a strong intellect, and freedom to do what we want.

The ancient cultures believed that yellow represents the colour of the direction East, and it brings good news and favourable outcomes. It is considered to be the middle path between Heaven and Earth.

After analysing the dream and my life's circumstances at the time of the dream, I realised the message was to access more the inner pool of happiness, courage, and optimism. And to be a source of joy and positivity in other people’s lives.


"It's pitch black. I look around and realise I am part of a mass Roman brigade marching towards this imposing black wall with a vibrant blue centre radiating like a blue sun in the dark. That blue light is the only light available, and strangely enough we are able to see clearly. It is protected by a row of indigenous people wearing strange masks and spears. We stop and the majority of the soldiers get into an attack formation. A select group of five soldiers, with me in the centre march towards the indigenous people to speak with the one that seems to be the leader. When we get closer, I raise my spear and throw it towards one of theirs and it stops in the air, just like magic, only touching the other one. I look at the leader and he bows, makes a sign and all the other retreat towards both sides of the wall and remain in expectation. I feel I am given permission to approach the black wall and the blue vibrating sun in the middle. I take a few steps and observe the scene, everything is still, everyone stepped back and I continue walking until I am right in front of it. The feeling is indescribable, majestic, a mixture of awe and wonder, peace, wisdom, curiosity and an overwhelming desire to touch it. I raise my hand, I touch the wall and …"

Scientific perspective – blue dreams transmit a feeling of peace and harmony, contentment and tranquillity, a sense of belonging and unity. It also speaks of trust in yourself and others and it’s also a message of need for others to trust you.

Spiritual perspective – blue is corelated with knowledge, sacred knowledge received from ascended Masters, teachers, healers or having access to the deepest parts of your Self and opening up channels of communication. Blue is considered to be the colour of the direction West and is related to water and the future. Blue dreams are dreams of the future.

The message I took from this dream is that I received permission to access sacred knowledge and that when we seek this type of ancient wisdom we don't need to use force or power, but kindness, humility and respect, instead.

These are just a couple of my own dream examples of how a specific colour can appear in a dream, to help you identify them in your dreams.

If you are curious and want to know more, come back next week for the exploration and meanings of the colours Green and Orange.

Meanwhile, feel free to get in touch with me if you want to explore the deeper meaning of your Dreams, no matter what colour they have.

See you next week, beautiful iDreamer!

Mariana, Dream Seer by birth

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