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Explore your colourful dreams - Chapter 1

Have you ever had a dream which was dipped in a certain colour? Where everything had different shades of one colour? Where blue or red was dominating?

With this first part of “Explore your colourful Dreams” we dive into Red and White, and will cover several different dream colours like yellow, black, blue, etc. in the coming weeks.

Curious? Then let’s dive into the wonderful world of Dreams.

Colours have a special place and meaning in our lives. Imagine a world in black and white to live in, like in the old movies. You really can’t imagine that, can you? Not today, with all the technology and advancements and gadgets!

The more colourful, apparently, the more desirable that object or person becomes! Scientists developed psychological programmes and tools to discover human personalities based on colours.

But have you ever wondered if colours have the same meaning in your nightly dreams? And if they do, then what do they represent? What are the colours trying to tell you?

According to Robert J Hoss, who wrote the first major work on colours in dreams “Dream Language”, we can understand ourselves better through image and colour. And I am sure you can agree on that. Life is and reveals so much more when we look at it through coloured lenses.

So, let’s have a look at the meaning of colours in our dreams with a few personal examples and why it is important to pay attention.

I will begin with the colour RED, as it is one of my favourite colours, in dreams as in walking reality!


“I am sitting alone in a classroom and my teacher is an angel, a beautiful, tall angel with amazing wings and he insists on showing me a word written in big letters, on the blackboard. The word is … RED. And he keeps saying to me: “Pay attention, Mariana! Pay attention! … RED… RED!

I become very curious, and I start looking around me… to realise that my notebook is red, my pencils are red, I am dressed in red and there are many other red objects around me. And then… I wake up!”

Scientific perspective – the colour red in a dream is very much related to intense emotions, desires, force, will, power, success, excitement, speed, joy, danger, blood, anger, passion, survival, action, strength, love, fire.

Spiritual perspective – the colour red is related to the womb of a mother, to regeneration and rebirth, to feeling safe and protected, to being nurtured and supported through a process of deep transformation. They say that the colour a baby perceives in his/her mother’s womb is the colour red. Hence the association with regeneration and rebirth and the beginning of a new creation in your life.

If you experienced a red dream, be sure that it is a very powerful dream and I recommend you record it, so that you can look back and see how this dream manifested in your life! You will be immensely surprised to witness the gift brought forward in your life by the red dream! For me it meant a deep personal transformation!


“I am 8 or 9 years old, riding a bike around a beautiful area and suddenly I arrive at the steps of a glamorous building. I get off my bike and look up in awe at the amazing edifice in front of me.

It’s a white temple, with big white marble stairs and huge columns. There is a wide opening in the middle, like a gateway and I see people coming in and out. They are all dressed in white clothes or robes. I am mesmerised. I notice that I wear white clothes, too, and my bike is white. I feel I want to go in and wonder. I start climbing up and at the middle of the stairs appears a very tall woman with red hair, dressed in long white robe and bearing a very authoritative presence. She talks to me, but no words are spoken. I look into her eyes, and I understand everything. She is talking about a test I need to overcome in order to enter the temple. I agree and then… I wake up. A sense of awe and wonder remained with me for a long time after this dream.”

Scientific perspective – the colour white represents a new experience, a new beginning, being aware of new feelings, a transformation, feeling pure and innocent, open and accepting. It also means feeling alone and isolated or cold and sterile or unprepared.

Spiritual perspective – the colour white is related to spirit, it brings messages from the Divine, it is considered to be the colour of the direction South and is the direction from where the Spirit comes, the messages from your spiritual guides. It speaks about your spiritual path and reaching higher levels of consciousness and awareness and returning to the essence.

From my own experience, analysing that dream, it showed me that in order to access higher levels of spirit and consciousness, human beings need to go through tests, to prove they are worthy to receive that precious knowledge and demonstrate that they will use it wisely.

During our lives, we are all tested in so many different ways, isn’t it? And it’s not always comfortable or pleasant, sometimes we do understand why certain events happen in our lives, most of the time we don’t, but if we keep an open mind and believe that everything happens for a reason, we choose to be in a place of peace, instead of internal war. And eventually we do get to identify that reason and when do, we start to understand truly, and we begin to see the bigger picture.

So, after this dream, my conclusion was, that the Spirit’s message was to accept tests and challenges as a normal part of life, instead of fighting them. And if I keep an open mind and I see everything through the eyes of a child, with playfulness, love and desire to explore, I have more chances to succeed in overcoming those tests and to rejoice in the gratification that comes afterwards.

Isn’t it interesting what beautiful messages come through our dreams?

If you want to know more, watch this space for next week’s entry about two other beautiful dream colours Yellow and Blue, or get in touch with me to have a free coffee chat and explore your Dreams.

Wishing you a wonderful week, beautiful iDreamer!

Mariana, Dream Seer by birth

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