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Do you remember this phrase? “Have a good night sleep and sweet dreams!”

This is something desirable, but unachievable for many people on the planet today.

And I’ve noticed this more and more in my practice. The majority of my clients are experiencing important issues with their sleep and/or dream recall that affects their ability to function properly in everyday life and they struggle and suffer.

So, with this in mind, I decided to start another blog series, entitled “SLEEPY SATURDAYS”, in which I’ll bring to you, diverse facts for all ages, tips and advice related to sleep.

Dreamers and especially people that practice conscious living, conscious sleeping as a way of life are, generally, very good sleepers. They really enjoy going to bed every night and tucking into those inviting bed linens, knowing that sleep time and dream time are another opportunity to experience life, but in a very different and unique way. A different reality entirely, a realm of total possibility, not limited by the five senses, but an adventure, a playground where they can be whoever they want, they can have or create whatever they imagine, they can find answers to the biggest questions of life and solutions to everyday challenges.

And why couldn’t YOU have something like this?

To help you prepare for a wonderful night sleep, a magical adventure in dreamtime and for a bold, bright day, I put together a comprehensive list of tips and advice I have learnt from my parents, grandparents, and other teachers along the way and applied consistently over the years.

And if you are one of those people that struggle with sleep and/or dream recall, you can choose to apply one or more of these tips, to ensure you experience a good night sleep starting tonight!

So, let’s breeze through the first part.


Relaxation is key: take a hot shower, read, do some journaling, meditate, use hypnosis tracks, draw, stretch, light incense, make a to do list for tomorrow, write down your intention or question if you are looking for an answer in your dreams or anything else that you know it helps you to relax.

It’s important to adopt a night-time ritual that sits comfortably with you and allows you to unwind in a natural way and prepare for a sacred time, to rest your body and mind, to detach from a busy day and a myriad of thoughts and emotions. Give yourself that gift! No matter how tired you might be, having that relaxing ritual will guarantee you a wonderful good night sleep and a bright new glorious day.


In the past years, it has been researched a lot how important a consistent sleep time is for us all and the benefits it offers. Like for example, you get sick less often, you can maintain a healthy weight, it helps with lowering the risk for serious health problems, like diabetes and heart disease. It reduces stress and improves your mood, you will think more clearly and do better in your everyday life, it improves your relationships, you will notice you get along better with people, and it is crucial in making good decisions.

And another benefit is that with time your biological clock will kick in and you’ll no longer need an alarm, as your body and mind will help you wake up naturally, at your usual time.

When you have a consistent sleep cycle, your body knows when it’s time to go to sleep and when it’s time to wake up, so it releases the pressure of having to guess.

And if you keep up with this consistency you ensure you give yourself enough time to dream and to remember your dreams with ease.


A clean, fresh, welcoming bedding makes a big difference. Your bedroom is recommended to be dark and cool, comfortable and quiet. Is important for you to feel safe, calm and peaceful, like in your own private sanctuary.

This ideal setting is a powerful component when you prepare for entering in dreamtime.

You can add to this ambiance any other personal items that have a special meaning to you or have fresh flowers from your garden on your nightstand, like one of my clients mentioned to me recently.

I personally love this part, as it sets my mind on the right track for having great dreams and helps hugely with my dream recall.

I wonder, which one would you choose?

If you want to know more, watch this space for next Saturday’s entry about three other tips to improve your sleep and dream recall, or get in touch with me to have a free coffee chat and discuss any issues or explore your dreams.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, beautiful iDreamer!

Mariana - Clinical Hypnotherapist & Dream Seer by birth

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