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Explore your colourful dreams - Chapter 5

In last week’s Dream Chronicle, we dove into the colours Violet and Brown (click HERE).

In this week’s Chapter, we’ll explore Grey and Silver.

They are fascinating colours in daily life as one can combine them with countless other colours, like royal blue or black, and I am happy to share their dream meaning with you.

So, let’s start with…


“It’s a dismal day. I am inside a room I’m not familiar with. Looking outside the window I feel I want to go out, but it doesn’t seem inviting at all. I am pondering on that thought for a while. I decide to go anyway. I am out in the street. Everywhere I look is grey. It’s raining, actually a drizzle. I look up to the sky, I close my eyes and I feel the rain washing my face. It’s such a gentle touch, feels like a very soft hand is caressing my face. It’ so relaxing and divine. I look around me, it’s empty, grey buildings, grey street and pavements, even the trees look grey. I decide to lie down on the pavement, next to some grey steps, and enjoy that beautiful feeling of the rain on my skin. It’s simply bliss. I remain there for a long time, and I feel I start to drift off into another dream, but something captures my attention and I get up. When I do, I look around and see a person coming my way on a bicycle, it seems to be a boy. He stops next to me, says hi and compliments me for the beautiful pink dress I am wearing. What pink dress? I look at myself and to my surprise I realise I’m wearing a pink dress, indeed. And I wake up…”

Scientific perspective – grey reveals a need to shield yourself from your own feelings. You are emotionally distant, only an observer. It is as you were standing aside observing yourself mechanically or going through the motions. A want to remain uncommitted, non-involved, shielded or separated from the situation. Deciding without emotional involvement. Having accepted too much and wishing to avoid any further emotional stimulation. Looking for an escape from an anxious situation or the desire to compensate for something.

Spiritual perspective – grey brings uncertainty, is related to the moments of doubt, lack of power to make decisions, to commit and it also signifies depression, denial, and emotional detachment.

Grey dreams in my own experience bring us the message that not everything is revealed to us and there are still mysterious aspects that we need to reflect upon. These dreams also speak about indecisiveness and going through a period of waiting or needed patience.

Analysing this dream, several years back, at that particular moment in my life, it came as a strong message which showed me that in every uncertain or doubtful situation there is something positive, something to look at to cheer up your day or your life up. The pink dress represents love, innocence, being pure like a child, joy and sweetness, happiness, kindness, and affection.


“It’s a grey day, I am in a familiar location and my father is giving me a note. I read it and it says we must move. I accept and the next thing I notice is that me and my husband are in front of a building which looks like a restaurant or a hotel, I can’t tell from outside. I go in and I realise it’s a hotel with a pub at the ground floor and many rooms at the other levels. I speak to a lady at the bar, and she says our room is at the first floor, number 10. Then she asks me to pay, I extend my hand and I realise I have 10 coins in my hand. They are silver coins! I count them again. They are so shiny! And I pass them over to her, she takes the coins and shows me the way. I climb the stairs to the first floor and arrive in front of the door with the number 10. I go in and my husband appears shortly with a couple of bags. I look into a mirror and in that moment, he hugs me and I see our image together and I feel a deep feeling of happiness. It’s a good place. I wake up realising I can’t take my mind away from the silver coins.”

Scientific perspective – silver illuminates the way forward and sends a message of stopping and reflecting on which path to pursue in life, as a need of change of direction is afoot. It helps you to cleanse and release any mental, physical, and emotional issues and blockages you have, and it opens new doors, new possibilities and lights up the way to the future. It is also sending a message of desire to be respected, dignified, of becoming more patient, determined, and organized - it relates well to leaders.

Spiritual perspective – silver in dreams inspires intuition, clairvoyance, and mental telepathy, reveals justice and purity, symbolises a strong energy and spirit, as well as the sense of protection. Another interpretation is related to peace and having purity in your heart and an immense ability to understand others. Ancient shamans connect this colour to the Moon Goddess, feminine power, and spiritual energy. And when this colour appears in your dreams it is seen as a sign of fortune or misfortune, as the Moon can bring both outcomes in your life.

My dream proved to be a forecasting one, as shortly after the dream my family and I moved to a different location, which was near a restaurant, it was a flat at the first floor, with the number 10 and the landlord was a woman. And it was a very loving home.

Just by looking at this dream, I can say “How amazing dreams are, isn’t it!! And what powerful messages they bring!”.

Did you expect such a difference between grey and silver? From my Graphic Designer I found out that it is just a form of manipulating the light in a grey texture to achieve silver (or gold).

Who would have thought that these similar colours are so different?

It is as if you have a normal horse and a Unicorn.

If you liked my dream reports and the messages in them and you feel you would like to explore more your own dreams, get in touch with me. Let’s have a free coffee chat and I am happy to translate the messages from your subconscious mind into actionable ones.

Follow your dreams, beautiful iDreamer!

Mariana, Dream Seer by birth

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