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Freedom to Dream The Big Dreams of Life 

8 Week Online Workshop Series + Extra Bonus Week!

How to Use the Hidden Potential of the Night to Bring Real Magic into Your Day.

3rd Oct to 28th Nov 2020 - FINISHED



I invite you to come and join me in the Dream Temple every Saturday at 3:00 pm UK time for ~90 minutes (via Zoom), starting on the 3rd of October, 2020 for eight weeks until the 21st of November, 2020. As a bonus, on the 28th, in the last gathering, we will discover together your magical name.


Every week you will receive a training video which can be accessed here on the website and will also be posted to our private Facebook Group, and in our live gatherings, we will discuss the topic of the week more in-depth.


The recording from the live session will also be uploaded to our private Facebook Group after each session ends.

Workshop Structure



Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, fears or phobias and want a natural way to process them?

Do you want to learn to analyse your dreams for the answers that lie within them?

Are you fascinated by the astral dimension?

Do you feel you are losing sleep over vivid dreams or nightmares and want to influence them?

Who Am I?

I am Mariana Babas and I am a Dream Seer who uses hypnotherapy to help people access forgotten dreams, unknown futures and the mysteries of their emotions.  So they can finally feel they know who they are and see magic in their world. 


On this journey, in just 9 weeks, I will take you from "I don't dream." or "I don't remember my dreams." to "Oh my God, the answers are in my dreams!".

3rd Oct to 28th Nov 2020 - FINISHED