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So true. And so I did!

I, consciously, followed my dreams from the age of 12, when I received the most amazing dream message. I was shown the Book of Life and how my own life will unfold. Those details are vague now, but one clear message remains: "WHAT COUNTS IS OUR CHARACTER!"

I was fascinated and I was hooked!


I've always remembered my dreams and experienced beautiful dreams, scary dreams, nightmares, recurring dreams, vivid dreams, lucid dreams. All sorts of dreams. 


So, I decided to study them to understand WHY do we dream and WHAT does it mean and HOW it would help me to see into the future to learn how to have a better life!


It became a lifelong passion. I started by writing down my dreams, because back then there was no Internet, just books and old knowledge.

My mother still keeps my old dream diaries, which I used to call ORACLES. I've collected all dream dictionaries I could find, articles about dreams, asking my grandmothers about dream sings and dreams interpretation. 

I've attended talks, seminars, workshops, retreats about dreams. Read and studied many books on dreams. I've studied East European dreaming culture, Greek culture, ancient Chinese culture, shamanic culture, etc.

And explored many techniques to better understand dreams and to become a lucid dreamer. I worked profusely with my dreams. 

Through my dream work over the years and, especially, through hypnotherapy, I've discovered that psychologically and spiritually dreams show you where you really are. They reveal the wonders, the terrors and the shadow aspects of yourself, whether you are ready for it or not!

DREAMS whisper the truth and sing the song of your soul! 

This is the reason WHY, in my hypnotherapy sessions, I work with dream interpretation. It enhances the results for YOU! It helps you befriend your subconscious mind and find meaning and purpose in life!

It changes your life for the better!   

Feeling lost or trapped?

Gaze into your dreams to SEE the real YOU reveal itself.

It’s time to BEFRIEND it again.

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Are you a dreamer? 

If you are curious about your dreams, look deeply into any ancient culture around the world and you’ll be amazed to discover that they believed dreams are a gateway to another reality, another aspect of ourselves manifesting without the limitations of our day-to-day life.

In these ancient cultures dreams were cherished and honoured by acknowledging and valuing their messages and many were trained to become skilled dream weavers or seers and followed the guidance of the dreams with utter discipline and dedication.

They also used dreams as a path to communicate with the departed ones to receive sacred knowledge, from their ancestors or ascended Masters or to listen to the secret wishes of their soul.

Dreams open gateways in time. We can travel in our dreams to any destination we are capable to envision. When you do a search, you find many written records in our human history that reveal this very aspect of how our ancestors used dream time to find out about future events or to understand the past.

To understand who we truly are, we ought to look beyond the physical appearance and confines of our minds and search deep within our soul. And I believe this old saying that comes from the Iroquois says it all: "Someone who was not in touch with their dreams was not in touch with their soul".

And many of these cultures point to one thing:


My goal is to help you explore your dreams using the art of Conscious Dreaming. Becoming a conscious dreamer you, too, can use it to gaze into your own subconscious and befriend the REAL YOU.

To learn again how to dream all you need is an OPEN MIND!                   


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In these workshops, I help you and guide you on how to:

  • Reconnect with your dreams.

  • Have a conscious dream.

  • What to do once you are conscious.

The workshops will be filled with step by step advice, stories from the dream world and wonderful techniques to help you become a dream knight! 

One important reminder before embarking on this inner journey. While dreaming is a skill that will improve with practice and focus, it's not something foreign to you, YOU DREAM, you do so every single night, whether you remember it or not!         


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