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So true. And so I did!

I, consciously, followed my dreams from the age of 12, when I received the most amazing dream message. I was shown the Book of Life and how my own life will unfold. Those details are vague now, but one clear message remains: "WHAT COUNTS IS OUR CHARACTER!"

I was fascinated and I was hooked!


I've always remembered my dreams and experienced beautiful dreams, scary dreams, nightmares, recurring dreams, vivid dreams, lucid dreams. All sorts of dreams. 


So, I decided to study them to understand WHY do we dream and WHAT does it mean and HOW it would help me to see into the future to learn how to have a better life!


It became a lifelong passion. I started by writing down my dreams, because back then there was no Internet, just books and old knowledge.

My mother still keeps my old dream diaries, which I used to call ORACLES. I've collected all dream dictionaries I could find, articles about dreams, asking my grandmothers about dream sings and dreams interpretation. 

I've attended talks, seminars, workshops, retreats about dreams. Read and studied many books on dreams. I've studied East European dreaming culture, Greek culture, ancient Chinese culture, shamanic culture, etc.

And explored many techniques to better understand dreams and to become a lucid dreamer. I worked profusely with my dreams. 

Through my dream work over the years and, especially, through hypnotherapy, I've discovered that psychologically and spiritually dreams show us where we really are. They reveal the GOOD, the BAD and the SHADOW aspects of ourselves, whether we like it or not!

DREAMS are truth tellers!

This is the reason WHY, in my hypnotherapy sessions, I work with dream interpretation. It enhances the results for YOU! It helps you befriend your subconscious mind and find meaning and purpose in your life!

It changes your life!   

Are you a dreamer? 

Shamanic cultures believe that dreams are a key to realities hidden from our 5 senses and that are many subtle worlds that exists parallel to and overlapping the physical one. To them, dreams were a connection to these higher realities, a bridge to the soul, a journeying to the realm of spirit.

Many aborigine cultures throughout the world believed in dream time, a separate reality entirely, a collective space where one has direct access to sacred knowledge and can communicate with the deceased and learn from the spiritual Masters who have transcended the physical world.

To many indigenous cultures, such as the Iroquois, "someone who was not in touch with their dreams was not in touch with their soul".

The majority of cultures would agree on one thing:


My goal is to help you explore your dreams using the art of Lucid Dreaming. Becoming a lucid dreamer you, too, can use it to survey the ground floor of your own subconscious.

To relearn how to dream all you need is an OPEN MIND!                   

2021 DREAM Workshops coming soon! Please enquire for more details.

In these workshops, I help you and guide you how to:

  • Reconnect with your dreams.

  • Have a lucid dream.

  • What to do once you are lucid.


The workshops will be filled with step by step advice, stories from the dream world and wonderful techniques to help you become a dream knight! 


One important note to remember before embarking on this inner journey. While dreaming is a skill that can improve with practice and focus, it's not something foreign to you, YOU DREAM, you do so every single night, whether you remember it or not!         

3rd Oct to 21 Nov plus Extra Bonus Session on 28 Nov 2020 - finished!


** 2021 - New Course Dates coming soon! **

Please enquire for more details.

Freedom to Dream The Big Dreams of Life 

8 Week Online Workshop Series + Extra Bonus Week!

How to Use the Hidden Potential of the Night to Bring Real Magic to Your Day.

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